Seamless solutions: How OmniConnect™ transformed client’s operational landscape


The Customer

A distinguished conglomerate in KSA, stands as a prominent player in key industries, including Steel, Oil & Gas, and Chemicals. Their noteworthy contributions include the operation of injection skids for a Saudi petro company, showcasing their expertise and commitment. Notably, they operate injection skids for the Saudi petro company and are our proud partners in KSA.

The Challenge:

Our client faced critical operational challenges that demanded innovative solutions: 

  • Absence of a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) on-site, creating a gap in real-time
  • Compounding this challenge was the remote and unmanned nature of the locations where it operated, making it imperative to bridge the communication and control gap efficiently.
  • Invisibility of crucial alarms, such as those related to Fire and Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD)
  • Our client faced strict time constraints for deployment, requiring swift and effective solutions to address the operational challenges.

The Solution

By introducing OmniConnect™, ODL successfully tackled the client’s operational hurdles head-on. This streamlined solution facilitates real-time monitoring, ensuring prompt decision-making. The inclusion of advanced analytics tools empowers proactive equipment troubleshooting, minimizing downtime. Additionally, OmniConnect™’s historization feature maintains thorough records for better long-term decision support. Overall, our platform provided with a straightforward yet powerful toolset to navigate operational challenges efficiently.

How We Did It

Implementing OmniConnect™, ODL effectively addressed the challenges at hand, offering a robust solution tailored for streamlined data streaming and efficient data alarm management.


Live streaming:

Our solution enables real-time monitoring of critical parameters, providing instantaneous insights into ongoing operations. This feature enhanced ability to make informed decisions promptly.


Alarm notifications:

Client now receives instant email alerts, ensuring a swift response to critical alarms. This immediate notification system significantly reduces response times, enhancing overall operational safety and efficiency.


Comprehensive reporting:

The solution granted our client access to vital data, including Tank Level, Pump Run Times, Start Counts, Injectant, and Header Totalized Flow. This comprehensive reporting feature empowers the operations team with a holistic view of essential metrics for informed decision-making.


Advanced analytics:

It benefits from advanced analytics tools that cover Alarms, Events, and Pump analytics. This capability enhances equipment troubleshooting, allowing for proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime.v



The system maintains complete records of all parameters, facilitating a robust historization process. This data archive supports better decision-making, trend analysis, and compliance reporting over time.

High Level Architecture Diagram

The Impact:

Our solution sparked a revolutionary transformation in client’s operational capabilities, delivering rapid deployment with the entire site setup completed in just 8 hours for seamless remote connectivity. Immediate response times to alarms saw a substantial reduction, crucial for addressing emergencies promptly. The elimination of on-site visits for tank level checks not only saved time but also optimized resource allocation, enhancing operational efficiency. Continuous proactive remote support ensures smooth operations, contributing to overall operational resilience.

Consolidated data, automated OEE calculations, and data-driven insights not only addressed their challenges but showed 15% improvement in availability, 15% improvement in performance, and 11% improvement in product quality.

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Our solution sparked a revolutionary transformation in client's operational capabilities, delivering rapid deployment with the entire site setup implemented in just 8 hours for seamless remote connectivity.