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Enabling chiller optimization through ChilloWatt

Discover how ChilloWatt chiller optimization system, a cloud-based solution that monitors real time performance and energy consumption, addresses common challenges in chiller systems of:
✔︎ improving energy efficiency
✔︎ reducing financial leakage
✔︎ enhancing decision-making

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What is smart factory

What is a smart factory?

Unlock the potential of smart factories: integrating machines, data, and people to drive efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. Discover how smart factories leverage advanced technologies to:

✔︎ optimize processes
✔︎ minimize costs, and
✔︎ reduce environmental impact

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OT/IT convergence

Unveiling the truth behind OT/IT convergence

Major OEMs advocate for OT/IT convergence because they’ve built proprietary data silos. Essentially, they encourage continued use of obsolete databases while boasting about:

✔︎Seamless connectivity with IT systems
✔︎Direct integration with ERP systems like SAP and Oracle
✔︎Unified dashboards presenting integrated data

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programmable logic controller

What is a programmable logic controller (PLC)?

Programmable logic controllers drive seamless industrial automation by optimizing control systems. Learn how PLCs’ history, components, and maintenance pave the way for efficient operations:

✔︎Reliable control
✔︎Flexible connectivity
✔︎Enhanced productivity

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Industrial automation

What is industrial automation: A complete guide

Industrial automation has been the driving force behind progress from decades. From automated assembly lines to the intricate algorithms powering services Netflix, over the years it has:

✔︎ Increase productivity
✔︎ Simplified life
✔︎ Minimized downtime

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SCADA system

What is a SCADA system?

Discover the backbone of modern industrial automation – SCADA systems that integrate hardware and software, from monitoring to control in order to

✔︎ Enhance efficiency
✔︎ Promote precision
✔︎ Minimize downtime

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energy management system

What is an energy management system (EMS)?

With the continuous global fluctuation of oil and gas prices comes the need for companies to understand their energy consumption. Establishing an efficient energy management system is a major stride toward advancement, yielding the following benefits:
✔︎Cost savings
✔︎Environmental sustainability
✔︎Enhanced efficiency

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Industry 4.0

From steam engines to smart factories: What is Industry 4.0?

We find ourselves in an era where automation has the potential to exceed human capabilities. Industry 4.0 is changing the dynamics of interaction between machines and humans are evolving, ushering in opportunities for emerging technologies:
✔︎ Big data analytics
✔︎ Industrial IoT
✔︎ Smart manufacturing

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