Fueling the future: Challenges and triumphs in gas field transformation


The Customer

Our client holds a prominent position in the field of oil and gas exploration and plays a crucial role in managing one of Pakistan’s significant natural resources. Our collaboration was a strategic initiative aimed at the digital transformation of the two main fields.

The Challenge:

Our client encountered a range of challenges during the digital transformation project, including: 

  • The need for process infrastructure digitization at field in south
  • Monitoring various operational and maintenance KPIs
  • Analysing long-term asset trends, particularly compressors
  • Integrating operational technology (OT) data with business data for holistic insights
  • Facilitating remote monitoring by senior management

The Solution

OmniConnect™, seamlessly merged OT and IT data and this integration facilitated smooth digitization of the process infrastructure at the field in the south region. The solution’s advanced analytics capabilities effectively analyzed long-term asset trends, including critical components like compressors using predictive maintenance algorithms for enhanced efficiency. OmniConnect™ successfully integrated OT data with business data, providing our client with holistic insights into overall operations. The cloud-based nature of OmniConnect™ also supported remote monitoring by senior management, offering secure and user-friendly access to real-time data.

In essence, OmniConnect™ played a transformative role in achieving operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, and insightful decision-making during the digital transformation project.

How We Did It


Expert consulting provided to upgrade the existing Distributed Control System (DCS) infrastructure.


OmniConnect™ implementation facilitated cloud-based analysis of OT data.


SAP data seamlessly integrated with OT data to provide comprehensive business insights


Power BI dashboards were deployed for detailed monitoring and analysis, covering operational KPIs, gas production, financials, and gas wellhead health.

High Level Architecture Diagram

The Impact:

Significant transformations were realized in several key areas during the project implementation. The enhancement of gas field performance monitoring was achieved through the deployment of upgraded Distributed Control System (DCS) infrastructure and OmniConnect™.

This upgrade facilitated a more robust and efficient monitoring system. Additionally, the establishment of remote site monitoring capabilities empowered headquarter teams with real-time oversight, enabling proactive decision-making. Engineers were equipped with enhanced access to Operational Technology (OT) data for maintenance and analytics, contributing to a more informed decision-making process. These advancements collectively underscored the project’s impact on optimizing operations and bolstering the overall efficiency of the system.

Consolidated data, automated OEE calculations, and data-driven insights not only addressed their challenges but showed 10% improvement in availability, 10% improvement in performance, and 6% improvement in product quality.

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Discover how substantial enhancements in gas field performance were achieved through the implementation of upgraded Distributed Control System (DCS) infrastructure alongside OmniConnect™.