Reduce your energy costs

ChilloWatt optimizes and continuously supports your building’s chiller systems based on real-time conditions, empowering informed decision-making for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Enabling smart genset management with PathAdvice

IoT-enabled monitoring solution for facilities to improve genset performance and lower maintenance costs with analytics in real-time.

Experience untapped efficiency

See how our smart generator solution benefits facilities worldwide by improving performance, reducing operational lapses and maintenance costs.

Achieve efficiency, reduce costs with PathAdvice: 

Visualization at your fingertips

PathAdvice offers instant insight about vital generator metrics, such as remaining fuel, projected running time, power generation, generator health, and more. This empowers utility managers and operators to oversee operational efficiency and upkeep requirements, boosting performance.

Your smart solution
for improved genset performance

Optimize your business operations during the sunny season with our advanced generator solution, ensuring seamless performance and hassle-free management.

Real-time insights

Monitor power output, efficiency, and fuel consumption & leakage in real time, optimizing generator and engine performance.

Proactive maintenance

Predictive alerts prevent downtime by addressing potential failures before they occur, and concerns such as fuel theft, low levels, and other faults.

Generator health tracking

Real-time dashboard showcases temperature, pressure, vibration, fluid levels, and running hours.

Efficient troubleshooting

Diagnostics swiftly identify faults and provide root cause analysis.

Optimization recommendations

Tailored suggestions fine-tune operational parameters for peak performance.

Automated refueling management

Seamless fuel monitoring and insights into consumption patterns.

Enhanced security

Detects unauthorized usage, enabling proactive measures.

Smart capacity utilization

Real-time adjustments for optimal efficiency based on usage.

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