Strategic insight: How Octopus Digital reshaped client operations in the chemicals industry

The Customer

Our client has been a trailblazer in Pakistan’s Polyester Industry, leading the way with Staple Fiber (PSF) technology. It has been in business for over 75 years in various industries such Polyester, Soda Ash, Chemicals & Agri Sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Animal Health.

The Challenge

The client was grappled with disparate platforms for quality and process data, hindering a swift overview and reliance on non-standard metrics, particularly for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Manual efforts were required for interlinkages, impeding efficiency and comprehensive performance analysis.

Despite their industry prominence, it encountered a critical hurdle in managing quality and process data, leading to inefficiencies in obtaining a comprehensive overview.

The Solution

This challenge prompted the need for a solution to seamlessly integrate Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) data, setting the stage for Octopus Digital’s transformative intervention. In response, Octopus Digital provided a cloud-based analytics solution called OmniConnect— A cloud-native IT/OT convergence platform that was
able to collect, transform, enrich, access, and analyze our clients disparate manufacturing data in real time for actionable insights to drive and improve business and performance outcomes.

How we did it


Creation of data pipelines and data lake for real-time OT, ERP and manually entered data using OmniConnect™, monitoring downtime and changes for OEE.


Integration of Statistical Process Control charts for identifying trends in quality data, supporting a robust optimization strategy.


Deployment of Power BI dashboards uniting process and quality data, highlighting conditions impacting product quality.


Power BI dashboards calculating OEE, aiding in identifying areas for improvement and reducing overall downtime.

High Level Architecture Diagram

The Impact

Adopting OmniConnect™ Data Cloud has significant tangible impact on our client’s operational performance. Our platform has accelerated the digital journey and consequently positioned it as an industry leader. Consolidated data, automated OEE calculations, and data-driven insights not only addressed their challenges but paved the way for 22% improvement in availability, 7% increment in performance, and 12% improvement in product quality.

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Unveiling the Power of OmniConnect™ in the Chemicals Industry. Explore how our proprietary data cloud platform revolutionized operational performance for our client.