Reduce your energy costs

ChilloWatt optimizes and continuously supports your building’s chiller systems based on real-time conditions, empowering informed decision-making for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

No code, plug
and play OmniConnect

Collect, transform, enrich, access, and analyze your disparate manufacturing data in real time.

Embrace the Next Industrial Revolution

Upgrade your digital enterprise to meet the latest industry standards and explore enablers for Industry 5.0.

360-Degree Cloud Coverage

Access comprehensive cloud-based digitization services, ensuring seamless availability of KPI dashboards for decision-makers.

Unify IT/OT Data

Integrate operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) through cloud data lakes to optimize plant processes and drive digitization.

Improve Decision Making

Extract valuable insights from contextualized data to enhance operational efficiency and mitigate risks.

Real-time Learning and Prediction

Achieve better returns on investment through effective planning, monitoring, predictive analytics, prescriptive maintenance, risk management, and ML/AI-driven optimizations.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Cost-effective asset monitoring outside your network, collecting diverse IIoT and sensor data for local or remote performance monitoring.

One solution, endless possibilities

Embrace the future of big data analytics with our purpose-built cloud native platform.

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Unleashing untapped data

OmniConnect maximizes the potential of your data from diverse sources like IoT sensors, third party devices, and more.

Connectivity with any device

Our automated approach ensures that your devices, and assets speak one language to make it machine learning ready.

Unlocking true data potential

We connect any AI algorithm or ML application drawing actionable insights for data-driven decision-making and business growth.



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Enabling chiller optimization through ChilloWatt

Discover how ChilloWatt chiller optimization system, a cloud-based solution that monitors real time performance and energy consumption, addresses common challenges in chiller systems of:
✔︎ improving energy efficiency
✔︎ reducing financial leakage
✔︎ enhancing decision-making

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What is smart factory

What is a smart factory?

Unlock the potential of smart factories: integrating machines, data, and people to drive efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. Discover how smart factories leverage advanced technologies to:

✔︎ optimize processes
✔︎ minimize costs, and
✔︎ reduce environmental impact

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