Brewing success: Octopus Digital’s OEE revolution in the tea industry


The Customer

Our client is a prominent manufacturing and packing plant in Pakistan’s thriving tea industry with a strong foothold. However, challenges in managing Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and production variations motivated them to seek an innovative solution.

The Challenge:

While successful, the client grappled with operational bottlenecks including unplanned downtimes, quality inconsistencies, and limited visibility into real-time performance. These hurdles effected their efficiency and growth potential.

The Solution

Octopus Digital, renowned for its prowess in Industry 4.0 solutions, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the client’s operations. Octopus Digital enabled the client to enhance their Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), streamline processes, and make data-driven decisions.

How We Did It

Octopus Digital’s implementation journey wove together technology and strategy, culminating in operational excellence:


Real-time & planned data fusion:

 OmniConnect™ sourced actual production data from the plant floor in real-time, while planned production data from SAP was acquired via Azure Data Factory. These streams converged in the cloud, creating a unified data repository.


Unified insights: 

OmniConnect™ storage became the nexus where SAP’s planned data was harmonized with real-time data, forming a comprehensive information hub. This synergy laid the foundation for insightful analysis.


Cloud-Based KPIs & data marts:

Leveraging cloud capabilities, Octopus Digital computed KPIs essential for performance analysis. Cloud-hosted data marts were designed to optimize strategic decision-making.


Alerts & root cause analytics:

 The solution featured an alert system that triggered notifications for deviations in machine OEE. This early warning prompted swift root cause analysis and corrective measures.


Azure app visualization:

An Azure-hosted application served as the gateway to insights, providing interactive visualizations for informed decision-making.

High Level Architecture Diagram

The Impact:

Octopus Digital’s seamless integration of data orchestration and advanced analytics created an operational symphony, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Through real-time production data integration with SAP, our client gained valuable insights, aligning strategies with actual production. Octopus Digital’s proactive approach in dissecting downtime root causes led to improved machine performance and overall production output.

The solution also enabled swift identification of quality issues, reducing waste and elevating product quality. Operator efficiency was turbocharged, ensuring timely production execution and optimized machine performance, ultimately meeting production deadlines with precision.

Consolidated data, automated OEE calculations, and data-driven insights not only addressed their challenges but paved the way for 15% improvement in availability, 15% increment in performance, and 10% improvement in product quality.

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Overcame operational challenges with Octopus Digital's OEE solution. Discover how we streamlined processes and enhanced tea production quality by eliminating bottlenecks and reducing downtimes.