June 26, 2024

Octopus Digital and HCC partner together to explore the UAE market

The partnership aims to provide digital transformation solutions enabling industries in the UAE with enhanced asset monitoring, productivity, and bottom line


June 2024

Octopus Digital is proud to announce it has entered into a partnership agreement with HCC to pioneer secure and sustainable Industry 4.0 solutions for the GCC region. With the Middle East rapidly embracing IoT technology, this partnership aims to lead innovation and accelerate digital transformation across industries in the region.

It is forecasted that the Middle East will experience unprecedented growth, with the market projected to surge from $43.99 billion USD in 2023 up to $241.65 billion USD by 2030 – showing an impressive increase of 449% (CAGR 27.6%).

Our recent partner HCC, is a leading business technology consulting firm in the United Arab Emirates, that has been at the cornerstone of digital transformation solutions in the Middle East for more than two decades.

This is a major step forward for both HCC and Octopus Digital. As we move into a partnership together, HCC looks to bring the future of digital transformation to its customer base by pairing up with Octopus Digital’s innovative solutions in the information technology space. We’re very excited to explore the market together and provide the best value for digitalization with our patented quality of service to enterprises everywhere.” —Tania Chaudhry, CEO of HCC Middle East.

As part of this strategic alliance, HCC and Octopus Digital will collaborate closely with system integrators, manufacturers, development companies, and operations management to digitally empower their businesses.

“We are excited to expand our outreach through our partnership with HCC in the Middle East to help manufacturing and other industries digitalize using OmniConnect™, our flagship IoT platform.” said Tanveer Karamat, CEO of Octopus Digital.

The centerpiece of this collaboration is OmniConnect™, Octopus Digital’s cloud-native IT/OT convergence platform. OmniConnect™ offers a no-code, plug-and-play, SaaS-based solution designed to collect, transform, enrich, access, and analyze disparate manufacturing data in real-time, providing actionable insights to drive business performance outcomes.

Octopus Digital and HCC are dedicated to advancing the adoption of Industrial IoT solutions in the UAE region. Together, the focus is on leading and supporting industries as they navigate the changing landscape, fostering growth, and driving innovation in the sector.

To learn more about the transformative partnership between HCC and Octopus Digital, please email support@octopusdtl.com.

About HCC:

Founded in 2000, HCC has been providing ERP solutions to automate businesses and enterprises to deliver real and beneficial interests to its clients. HCC is a business technology consulting firm driving digital transformation by employing innovative IoT and AI-enabled solutions for our clients. For more information, visit  https://www.hcc-me.com/.

About Octopus Digital:

Octopus Digital’s IoT platform enables manufacturing enterprises, and businesses like system integrators and OEMs that help them to transform the data for outcomes like insights, predictions, monetization, and creating new data products. Our cloud-native OmniConnectTM ingests the data from any OT/non-OT sources and converts it into Machine Learning ready format to get business intelligence via AI. The onboarding is quick and self-service backed by 24/7 after-market support. For more info www.octopusdtl.com.