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Who We Are

Digital transformation is not a project or an event, it is a journey. Octopus helps businesses digitalise their manufacturing, supply chain and financial workflows backed by strategic and operational maintenance support services. That makes decision support, actionable insights and business intelligence available 24x7x365 both as managed and unmanaged service on a multi-year monthly subscription basis.


What We Do

We help businesses in their journey towards digital mastery through

  • Service-based business model
  • Monthly subscription service packages
  • Zero CAPEX, Totally OPEX
  • On-demand and self-service analytics
  • Cyber-secure, IoT/cloud-native

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How We Do it

Our team of design-thinkers, process experts and data scientists help

  • Develop digital journey road-map
  • Plant Information & Asset Management Dashboarding
  • Optimization of Critical KPIs
  • Multivariable Predictive & Prescriptive Insights
  • AI-powered process modelling

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Whats In It For You

Topware helps accelerate operational & strategic decision-making without IT/OT bottlenecks through a single-step monthly-subscription

  • Analytics as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • AfterMarket as a Service
  • Get Started in 07 days
  • 24/7 Uptime Insurance

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    Business Intelligence
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    Prediction and
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    Decision Support
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    Digital Twinning
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    Next Generation
    After Market Support
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    Automate Reporting
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    Consulting 4.0
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    Actionable Insights
What We Do

We Provide End-To-End Digitalization
Simply, Quickly and Securely

The next generation of Business Intelligence isn’t siloed in systems or dependent on fancy dashboards Instead, insights appear instantly, making it easier to see change and take action.

  • Decision Support: Receive automatic alerts for your most important KPIs and never miss an eye on the big picture
  • Digital Twinning: Topware creates digital twin of every asset and entire process to connect, analyse and optimize.
  • Automate Reporting: Measure productivity by exporting and emailing reports to stakeholders
  • Consulting 4.0: Schedule periodical sessions with process experts and data scientists to deep-dive single version of truth
How We Do It

Connect And Analyze Data
For Your Decision Support

We deliver insights on complex data so every user across the organisation can achieve better outcomes.
Our cloud-native, AI-Powered Topware presents data in a way that lets
even non-IT/OT professionals gain insight and take action.

  • Simplify Complexity: Topware joins data from multiple sources in an enterprises to create single version of truth

  • Deploy & Adapt Quickly: Topware gets up & running in 07 days followed by 30 min of user orientation & training

  • Drive Impact: Topware creates alignment among teams, their business objectives and key results on real-time basis

Whats In IT For You

Secure and Governed
A single version of truth for your decision support

The health of your organization on a single screen. Our Analytics as a Service provides additional insights that enables analysts and end-users to have easy access to data from multiple sources and explore the information at hand interactively and collaboratively.
Eliminate capital expense and reduce operational costs. Our Infrastructure as a Service is robust and secure. We partner with the best to keep your data secure and readily available with no downtime. Respond quickly to shifting business trends through a stable and reliable infrastructure. Our proprietary BTMI (Build, Train, Maintain, and Improve) model provides our customers piece of mind with regards to their critical assets.
Our strategic approach enables our customers to focus on the core business while their systems are managed and maintained by Octopus Digital’s highly reliable team of trained professionals.   

Topware™ Digitialization Services Suite

Topware Digitalization Service Suite is an end-to-end solution that automates the entire customer service and asset maintenance cycle – from short-term decision making in the control center to long-term maintenance planning in the back office

Advanced Dashboard With EDA
Predictive Decision Support Service
Prescriptive Decision Support Service
Auto-ML Digitalised Command and Control

Next Generation After Market Support

We provide a comprehensive range of next-gen after-market services for preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance support. Our guardianship program includes tailored-made maintenance and training contracts to fit your exact needs.

In order to maximize your plants’ life and avoid overrun costs, our team of dedicated experts provide complete life cycle support for your critical investments.

Support Guardianship

We provide a single point of contact for all of your maintenance support needs. Our mandate is being there when you can’t be to ensure protection your assets and your profits.

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Technical Training

Technical training pushes beyond traditional classroom settings with innovative training products in a wide variety of media including new and exciting distance learning opportunities.

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Modernization and Upgrades

Converting plant process/manufacturing related data into information with the help of smart technology to take informed decisions via Information dashboards

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Customer Support

Focusing on Customer Delight rather than mere Customer Satisfaction, Octopus Digital has been at the forefront in providing innovative troubleshooting and conflict resolution to its customers.

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