Tanveer Karamat named Chief Executive Officer by the Octopus Digital Limited board


Lahore, Pakistan – The Board of Octopus Digital has unanimously named Tanveer Karamat as the new Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Digital. Tanveer is a seasoned industry veteran who has extensive experience and expertise within his domain. The new appointment will bring strategic direction and focus to the ongoing expansion of Octopus Digital.

Tanveer Karamat is an international business leader who previously served as the President of Avanceon Limited where he oversaw expansion into several new geographies and business segments during his tenure. In his new role, he will be responsible for Octopus Digital’s P&L and growth plan with reporting of VP Operations, VP Solution Design, VP Value Creation, VP AMS and Digitalization and CFO at group level.

Tanveer Karamat expressed his views on his new appointment,

Empowering OT Data Liberation

For years we have been doing on-prem OT data collection for business and process analysis for our customers. That involved heavy investment in hardware and software and subsequently in maintaining the systems, face obsolesce, and end-of-life product replacements. It is a business, on the one hand, is lucrative, but we identified it as a pain point for our customers. It is for this reason that Octopus Digital exists today. We indeed believe that we are liberating the trapped data in legacy systems and data warehouses offered by a limited number of dominant players who still want to maintain the status quo in this digital world. We are the answer to breaking free our customers from that legacy and vendor locking, thus opening a window of freedom to realize tangible benefits of big data analytics on cloud-based platforms and offerings at scale with no upfront cost. Our OmniConnect is an empowering cloud-native platform and is unique since no similar solution exists in the marketplace (according to our research) that makes landing OT data on a cloud data lake so simple and easy to deploy. It is (OmniConnect) a business model innovation that disrupts the current market offerings and enhances advantage and value for our customers by making changes in our value proposition and underlying operating model. I find it most gratifying to build a business with a just cause, helping our customers a freedom of choice in their digital transformation journey. 

Octopus Digital provides end-to-end digitalization, business intelligence, asset monitoring and optimization capabilities to industries in a variety of segments. The company is a publicly listed entity on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and currently has an operational footprint in United States, Middle East, and South Asia.

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About Octopus Digital – Octopus Digital, an AVANCEON subsidiary company, helps businesses digitalize their manufacturing, supply chain, and financial workflows backed by strategic and operational maintenance support services in the US, Middle East, and South Asia. Thus, making decision support, actionable insights, and business intelligence available 24x7x365 both as managed and unmanaged service on a multi-year monthly subscription basis. Visit www.octopusdtl.com. for more information.

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